Brigit Forsyth 1940 – 2023

Brigit lived in Mellor for many years and was keen to get involved with anything that was happening in the village.

When the Mellor March was formed, we approached Brigit to act as our Hon. President, and we were delighted that she accepted the roll with alacrity.

As can be seen in the accompanying photos Brigit was always available to present the various charities with their cheques on behalf of The Mellor March.

On one occasion her professional skills were tested to the limit when one of the recipients stated that he had a lot to thank The Christie Hospital for and then proceeded to remove his ear and throw it to the ground. The look on Brigit’s face was a mixture of shock verging on horror, but she quickly diffused the situation with her inimitable quick humour.

Brigit took a keen interest in all the work that the committee undertook each year, and I was charged with giving her the run down as to how much we raised, however there was one year when dining in the Moorfield (that was) she realised that something was going on as there were more than the normal number of customers in the pub.

On asking what the event was, she was surprised to be told it’s the Mellor March, to which she replied, ‘I’m the President of that Charity, where is the Chairman’? Shortly afterwards I was confronted by our President in the Royal Oak asking for an explanation, of course there was no excuse, but Brigit was very forgiving.

Always one to support and bring a smile to whoever she was conversing with, Brigit will be greatly missed and forever in our thoughts.

With Love and Condolences to her family

Paddy Whitham – Chairman

For and on behalf of The Mellor March Committee

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