Dear Walkers…

After the last two years of self and government imposed isolation, WE ARE BACK.

On the 1st May The Mellor March will be back in all its former glory being well supported by local businesses and pubs around the area, all of whom we thank for their unstinted efforts on our behalf.

While our situations have been difficult in many ways, we just have to turn on the news or read it in our papers to see that there are others whose plights are infinitely worse.

Wherever your sympathies are, it is difficult to comprehend the daily travails of those living in the sadly war torn areas in Ukraine. Imagine how much harder it is if one of your children is also battling with cancer?

The Mellor March is constituted to support cancer related charities and as such we will be donating £2,000.00 immediately to the Tabletocki Charity Foundation who are at the front line in Ukraine helping to look after the children who are in treatment and in conditions that are far from adequate.

The project will help to continue treatment of children with cancer in Ukraine, who are fighting 2 cruel wars now.

Their aim is that no child in Ukraine will die of cancer. They continue their work despite everything, even during such dangerous and uncertain times. Today your support is needed like never before so that they can continue to provide timely access to quality medications, thus saving the lives of more children.

It is our earnest hope that we can make a further substantial sum after this year’s Mellor March and if you go to our website we now have a button to enable donations to be made directly to our charity.

We will continue to support local charities and these will be announced during our presentations at the various stop off points around the walk.

Please support all our sponsors as they all put in an enormous effort to make the day a success.

We are delighted to be back and look forward to seeing you all on the 1st May 2022 for:

The Mellor March in 2022

Patrick Whitham – Chairman of The Mellor March