Donations throughout the pandemic

Just wanted to do a huge shout out to all those who donated their time and efforts over the past few years. There have been some great fundraising ideas, some whacky ones too!

• £60 > “Raised from a lockdown game of bingo and Japanese horse racing.”

• £100 > “Donation resulting from challenging my family to run or cycle 26km in a week.”

• £1320 > “Royal Oak Footy – LMS 4 & 5.”

• £330 > “Money raised from the Royal Oak’s Last Man Standing grand national sweepstake.”

• £180 > “Donation on behalf of Peak & Valley Trail Runners following their run around the Mellor March route on May 2nd 2021.”

• £500 > “Raised from the Royal Oak LMS euros sweepstake and footy comps.”

• £30 > “Many miles walked around the hills of Mellor over the last six weeks and appreciating how special they are!”

• £60 > “A small thank you to the countryside of Mellor for providing my entertainment over the past few weeks.”

Thank you again, and see you all on Sunday 26th September!