Can you solve the mystery?

Prince Charles is making his final preparations, ready for
his coronation on the 6 May 2023, but disaster has
struck! He has mistakenly left his crown at one of his
royal residences.

Can you help him find it in time, ready for his big day?

Find clues along the trail, collecting letters which (when
unjumbled) will spell out the name of one of the royal
residences overleaf. That is where the crown will be

Take your answer to the Devonshire Arms between 12.30 – 5.00 pm to tell Prince Charles where to find his crown
and you will be ‘royally’ rewarded.

A royal request……
You can also help by collecting some items needed for the
royal decorations, can you find any dry leaves, pinecones,
sheep’s wool, grass, moss and twigs on the trail? Bring
them to the Devonshire Arms where we will be creating a
masterpiece fit for a king! (a coronation bug hotel)